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Operating philosophy
We are continuously achieving customer and employee satisfaction through business activities. We respond to the expectations of customers and the trust of society, contributing to the sustainable development of the area and to the protection of the global environment.

Operating policy
We conduct quality and environmental management activities systematically and sustainably in connection with the research & development, procurement, manufacturing, and sales activities associated with special metal products, new material products, and fire prevention products with the following policies, based on our advanced material technologies and extensive know-how, complying with laws and regulations pertaining to the environment and fulfilling customer requirements.
The policies shall be reviewed and revised as appropriate.

1. We shall configure, implement, and maintain the quality and environmental management systems pursuant to the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001, with the aim of consecutive improvement of quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and environmental performance.
We shall also continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality and environmental management systems.

2. We shall improve quality, prevent environmental pollution, and reduce the use of substances of concern, complying with laws and regulations related to business activities and products and other agreed requirements.

3. All employees must work together to achieve the policies. Each management organization shall review the objectives and targets each year and re-establish them, in order to promote the policy management activities strongly.

4. The Company offer planned education programs covering quality and environmental management activities for all people working in our facilities, in order to achieve the policies.

5. This policies shall be disclosed to external parties as requested.

This policy shall be made known to our suppliers and partners, and asked for their cooperation.

  November 1, 2017
Hiroki Suzuki, President
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