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Fire Prevention Products

At Furukawa Electric, an electric wire and cable manufacturer, we have developed and commercialized products effective in preventing cable fires spreading since the 1970s.

Furukawa Techno Material Co., Ltd., which took over those products and technologies, is rolling out products overseas as the Heatmail series while improving their functions and performance.

Please try the Heatmail series, which has a short construction time and does not require special construction technology.

“Heatmail” is an internationally registered trademark.

International registration number: 1452596

Fire in high-rise buildings causes serious damage.

The fire spreads to the upper floors and to the next room through flammable materials and expands to the whole building and increases the damage.

However, we have the most effective and easy system to prevent the spread of the fire.

It is to partition the building into sections with fireproof walls and floors, and to block through-penetrating portions for such as cables with a fire-protection material.

Through-Penetration Firestop systems

  • Where the Firestop systems are used?

    As known, the cables and pipes, passing through these parts, spread the fire like a fuse.

    Filling up these portions penetrating floors and walls with the Firestop system is effective for the prevention.

    • Floors and walls partitioning the uses of the building.
    • Pipe shafts and compartments of stairs.
    • Partition walls between residences.
  • Why the Firestop system would become necessary?

    In case of Japan… from around 1970, high-rise buildings has been increased. As a result of repeated large building fire, laws and regulations, to install the Firestop system at cables and pipes penetration portions, has been enacted and is mandatory now. Also in many other countries, the installation has been required by law.

  • What is the actual effect?

    In case of the fire from the bottom side of the cable, with the Firestop system, it is not transmitted to burn at all, but, Without the system, it is burned in a short while.

  • What materials required for the Firestop system?

    • The performance certification has been certified in line with the laws and regulations and standards.
    • The characteristics and effects are confirmed by testing.

    Even if filled up with just a mortar, fire spreads from the gap where the cable or pipe melted.

    By filling up with the proper material, the gap can be blocked up, and fire does not spread.