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Attitude control system of a stationary satellite
A shape memory spring opens and closes the solar cells that are mounted on the ends of solar batteries. This adjusts a satellite's position to the solar wind and controls the overall attitude of the satellite.
(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Attitude control system of a stationary satellite
Other Potential Applications
  • Fasteners for connecting high density circuit boards
  • Electric contact of burn in connectors that will change its coupling force following to the change of temperature.

The World's smallest, lightest, body size auto focus single-lens reflex camera
The world's first electrical current actuator shape memory alloy wire / Furukawa NT-H7-TTR was utilized as a lock switch actuator on cameras with a safety feature that ensures that the rear cover does not open until the film is rewound upon completion of photographing. (Refer to NT-H7-TTR)
MINOLTA alpha-Sweet II !!
Sold Early in JULY 2001
MINOLTA alpha-Sweet II !!

More lightweight and compact size MD recorder

Panasonic SJ-MR240 portable MD recorder
Panasonic SJ-MR240
portable MD recorder

These products are considerably more lightweight and compact than their previous models. The SJ-MR240 & SJ-MR270 are 8% & 11% lighter, respectively and are miniaturized by 22%; however they still manage to offer the world’s longest continuous playback time of 130 hours!
The above achievements have been partly gained by use of ‘electric current actuator SMA wire’ ( Furukawa NT-H7-TTR). The wire has been utilized as a drive source for the elevator style of magnetic head. This solution minimizes required space and provides a simple system structure. (Refer to NT-H7-TTR)

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