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Mixing valve
SMA spring will control the ratio of cold and hot water. It will prevent extreme changing of water temperature at the begging of flow.
Mixing valveMixing valve Play

Anti-scald valve
Adopted into the Boiler for shower, SMA inside will stop the water flow over certain temperature.
Anti-scald valve

Water flow control valve
This valve catches the difference of incoming water temperature of summer and winter with SMA spring, and controls the incoming flow.
Water flow control valve

Bathtub adapter
Set on the hot water tap of the bathtub, the adapter stirs efficiently when adding hot water. SMA spring inside the adapter shuts the hot water to come out when tub is empty.
Bathtub adapter

Under floor vent
In cold season, vent under house closes for better heating efficiency. In hot season, it opens to release the moisture.
Under floor vent
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