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About Furukawa's Shape Memory and Super-elastic alloys (Furukawa Ni-Ti Alloys)

1. Super-elastic alloy

2. Shape Memory alloy

3. Performances of Ni-Ti alloy
When ordinary metallic materials have an excessive stress toad applied, beyond their elastic regions, they are not able to fully restore their original shapes. After the excessive stress load is removed, a permanent deformation remains.
Ordinary metal material
When Furukawa's Ni-Ti shape memory alloys have an excessive stress load applied, beyond its elastic region, at a temperature less than the transformation (Af) temperature, it undergoes a plastic-like deformation. When heat, higher than the transformation temperature is applied, the deformation disappears and the original shape is restored.
Furukawa's Super-elastic Ni-Ti alloy can accept an excessive stress load up to ten times the alloy's elastic stress region, at a temperature higher than the transformation temperature.
When the excessive stress load is removed, the deformation disappears and the alloy restores its original shape.
Super-elastic alloy

4. Wide Variety of Ni-Ti Alloys
Furukawa offers a wide variety of Ni-Ti alloy formulations to meet your shape memory characteristics, super-elastic characteristics and customer specific requirements. A wide range of transformation temperatures is also available.
Please contact us with your specific requirements. We can offer further information and guidance to engineer your custom device design requirements.

Effect Symbol Alloy types Range of transformation temperatures
Restorable deformation
Temperature hysteresis
Durability Application example
Shape memory effect NT-M
0 - 70 1 2 - 3 >1,000,000 Sensor actuator designed for a long service life
NT-H Ni-Ti-Cu 50 - 80 5 - 6 10 - 15 10,000 - 50,000 Sensor actuator designed for a large stroke
NT-M Ni-Ti -10 - 100 6 - 8 20 - 40 <100 Connector Joint

Effect Symbol Alloy types Range of transformation temperatures
Super-elastic stress
Stress hysteresis
Feature Application Application example
Super-elastic effect NT-E
-20 - 50 294 - 588
[30 - 60]
245 - 428
[25 - 45]
Long service life
Good machinability
Various spring devices
Antenna core wire
Brassiere wire
Frame of glasses
Orthodontic wires
490 - 882
[50 - 90]
High super-elastic stress
NT-HR Ni-Ti-Cu-Cr 294 - 588
98 - 294
[10 - 30]
Low stress hysteresis

5. Integrated Production System
Furukawa offers a complete manufacturing solution in an integrated production system ranging from the melting operation through forming and machining fabricated parts. Product quality is highly controlled with strict engineering and manufacturing parameters.
Integrated Production System

Hot Processing Line Eddy Current Detector
Hot Processing Line Eddy Current Detector

Continuous Annealing Furnace
Continuous Annealing Furnace

Applications of Furukawa Ni-Ti Alloys

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