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Sales Points of Furukawa NT Alloys

1) Integrated Production System
  • Furukawa offer a complete manufacturing solution in an Integrated Production System ranging from the melting operation through forming and machining fabrication parts.
  • Production of SMA requires very high precision and technology with its process, especially if the exact control over the performance of SMA is needed.
  • For example, Af point of the SMA is delicately characterized by the composition ratio of Nickel to Titanium, sometimes with additional elements. Method of heat treatment for shape memorizing process will also affect its characteristics.
  • Furukawa present SMA with highly controlled product quality, prompt delivery, and competitive price with total cost down by taking advantages of the Integrated Production System.
  • We are also ready to give solutions to the custom / new device designs with our total production technology.
2) Top Share of the World
  • Furukawa supply 80 % of the antenna wires, the largest application for NT alloy at the moment
  • We also have world wide top share for the many other applications such as eyeglass frames, orthodontic wires, SMA springs.
3) Wide Variety of NT Alloy Types
  • As the market leader, Furukawa develop and offer not only the SMA and SEA alloys, but also the Ni-Ti based alloys with many superior properties.
  • [FHP-NT], the newly developed SEA for the medical guide wire is the one of the examples. It has very unique characteristics like no other SEA ever had.
  • Furukawa offer the products of originality to specifically meet the customer requirements, with our wide NT alloy range of various formulations.
4) Heritage of Experiences
  • Furukawa began production of NT alloys back in 1963. In 1981, we succeeded in applying SEA to commercial product for the first time in the world. Since then, as the world top maker, Furukawa always produced great variety of applications of diverse fields.
  • Furukawa support and realize your future needs with the experiences and know how we earned through years.
5) Total Design Ability to Meet Customer Requirements
  • With our long history and rich experience, Furukawa carefully design products parameters such as thermal property of alloys or physical design of springs through the customer's point of view.
  • We have achieved much confidence and reputation with our total design ability especially for the application requiring strict operations or good durability.

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