About Ni-Ti Alloy

About Ni-Ti Alloy

About Ni-Ti

●About Ni-Ti Alloy

About Ni-Ti Alloy

Ni-Ti, also known as Nitinol, alloy with shape memory and super-elastic characteristics. It is a functional metal material that was discovered in 1959 and came out as a shape memory alloy. Firstly, it was used for parts in the industrial and automobile fields as a coil spring using shape memory characteristics. Then, orthodontic wire, wire for women's underwear, and the whip antenna of mobile phones have been recognized for their superelastic effect which is attractiveness of "returning to the original even when bent". On each occasion, each item had created a big market.
In the last 20 years, many medical devices that can be put into the body have been developed by taking advantage of super-elasticity, are supporting minimally invasive treatments and surgeries to save human lives.
It is softer than stainless steel and more rigid than polymer materials. The super-elastic performance shows flexible when bent, returns to its original shape after a high strain, and transmits sufficient torque even in complicated paths. There is a need for the unique features for medical guidewires, stents, and heart valve frames that allow to slide toward the affected area in the body without damaging blood vessels or organs.
We hope that we will continue to supply the materials to medical costumers and support developments of medical devices as much as possible, for people's health.

Furukawa offers a wide variety of Ni-Ti alloy types and formulations to costumer’s Shape Memory or Super-elastic characteristic requirements.

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