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A lot of stents made of Ni-Ti tubes and Ni-Ti wires are penetrating the market.
As a treatment for stenosis of blood vessels, a stent is placed to support it from inside to obtain sufficient blood flow. For blood vessels, stents made of Ni-Ti tubes are used mainly.
It is also used to areas where the trachea, esophagus, large intestine, and biliary tract are narrowed due to cancer. In this case, stents, which Ni-Ti wires are woven for, are used, because relatively large size stents for the treated region are necessary.
In both cases, the folded stent that is reduced in diameter, is placed inside the catheter, extruded at the affected area via the blood vessel or gastrointestinal tract, self-expanded due to superelastic performance, and placed inside the vessels.
Co-Cr tube stents with the high stiffness are also used for small blood vessels such as the coronary arteries near the heart. Since this does not have superelastic properties, it is expanded with a balloon and placed in a blood vessel.

Self-expandable Stent (Ni-Ti)

Self-expandable Stent (Ni-Ti)

Balloon-expandable Stent (Co-Cr)

Balloon-expandable Stent (Co-Cr)

Our Products

●Ni-Ti Tube

Ni-Ti Tube

NiTi tubes with 1 to 8 mm outer diameter is used for stent applications. The wall thickness varies depending on the design. Available dimensions of our NiTi tubes are shown in the graph.
Since it is an implant device, long-term durability is required. We can control the quality of the alloy itself, because we have in-house melting furnace. The tubes can be manufactured with less inclusions specified in ASTM F2063, if requested.
We have web inventory to be respond to your urgent requests. We also have an RR (Rapid Response) service. It corresponds to the limited express prototype for specified dimensions.
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AAA Stent

AAA Stent

Peripheral Stent made of Ni-Ti Tube

Peripheral Stent made of Ni-Ti Tube

●Thin wire

Thin wire

Ni-Ti wire stents are flexible to design for large and complex regions such as gastro-intestine tracts which have a wide variety of the shapes. Wire diameters down to 0.025 mm can be manufactured. Pickled surface, which oxide film on the wire is removed for, is also available.

●F-ELI wire (Furukawa Extra Low Inclusion)

F-ELI wire (Furukawa  Extra Low Inclusion)

F-ELI (Furukawa Extra Low Inclusion) wire is manufactured with super low inclusion specifications by our own melting technology. We guarantee less than half of the inclusion standard required by ASTM F 2063, Size ≤ 15 μm, and Area ≤ 0.5%. It is the best wire for devices that require high durability.



Catheter operation with a stent is performed under an X-ray equipment to watch the image.
Pt-cored wire is a Ni-Ti wire with improved visibility under X-rays. Ni-Ti's superelastic properties are maintained as much as possible, and Pt is placed in the center to improve X-ray visibility. We can manufactured down to a wire diameter of 0.050 mm. The Pt area ratio of the wire is 10 to 20%.

●Co-Cr Tube

Co-Cr Tube

We manufacture high quality Co-Cr tubes by in-house melting, too. Stents made of Co-Cr alloy are often used as balloon expandable coronary stents. The alloy is ASTM F 90 compliant. Utilizing our experience in manufacturing NiTi tubes, we provide Co-Cr tubes with high dimensional accuracy.

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