About Shape Memory springs

A spring that is made of shape memory alloy can return to its original shape just by applying heat, after it was deformed. In the fields of home appliances, housing, and transportation, it works as a sensor and actuator, helping to reduce the size of equipment and improve reliability and durability.

Various Ni-Ti alloys

We can provide a line-up with a variety of alloys that meet customer’s needs, using our in-house melting technology. Support to design a coil spring that meets the customer’s request is also available.

Our Products

●Rice cooker

Above a certain temperature, Shape memory spring opens the pressure control port to let extra steam escape.

●Coffee maker

When the water boils, Shape memory spring opens the stopper and the hot water is poured into the coffee beans.

●Air conditioner

Shape memory spring switches the wind direction up and down when cooling and heating.

●Automotive continuously variable transmission

Automotive continuously variable transmission

Shape memory spring is Introduced in the automatic continuously variable transmission system. It senses the temperature of the engine, activates the valve, and switches the flow path of the lubricating oil.

●Automatic oil amount adjustment unit

Shape memory spring is adopted for the automatic oil
adjustment unit in a gear box of Shinkansen express train. It automatically opens and closes according to the oil temperature to supply the optimum amount of oil to the bearings. Even at high speeds, temperature rise of the gear box is suppressed and stable operation is available. It is installed in Nozomi 500 series and 700 series.

●Mixing water faucet

A cartridge with a thermostat function adjusts the amount of hot water and cold water, in order to get water with the desired temperature. Units that use Shape memory alloy springs have a faster reaction as compared with conventional units. As a result, temperature change is minimized at the initial stage of hot water discharge.

●Hot water cut valve

Shape memory spring stops very hot water in small bath unit to prevent burns.

●Inflow water rate control valve

Inflow water rate control valve

This is an inflow water control valve, which is placed at the entrance of the water heater and controls the flow rate of water. By sensing the difference in water temperature between summer and winter, the amount of water entering is adjusted by Shape memory spring so that hot water at the right temperature comes out.

●Underfloor ventilation unit

Underfloor ventilation unit attaches to the foundation of a house. A revolutionary ventilation port with Shape memory spring that senses changes in temperature and automatically controls underfloor ventilation. It is an economical product that reduces heating costs.

●Automatic dry box

This is the first application in Japan where shape memory alloys were applied to mass production equipment. The shape memory spring is heated with a heater that heats and recycles the desiccant, and the door is opened by the Shape memory spring to let moisture escape.

●Tableware disinfection storage

Tableware disinfection storage

When a disinfection unit is heated, the shape memory spring automatically opens the exhaust damper to release steam, in order to increase the disinfection effect and dry the dishes well.

●Cut valve for obstetrics and gynecology disinfection examination unit

Cut valve for obstetrics and gynecology disinfection examination unit

This is a disinfection examination unit that discharges and cleans the affected area. The shape memory alloy spring stops the discharge when the temperature of the chemical solution rises.

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